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Thank you for your interest in what the Wildlife Care Academy has to offer!  On this page you will find a growing collection of pay-what-you-can content including full-length webinars, short one-topic lessons, and printable resources.  To support the Wildlife Care Academy and the Wildlife Center of Virginia with a donation for this content, proceed to our other "donate" tab and make a note that this is for the Wildlife Care Academy. Thank you for your support!  We hope you will find these materials valuable, be sure to check out our paid content for more options.


What is Wildlife Rehab?

New to the field of wildlife care?  This free 25-minute orientation will introduce you to what it means and what it takes to be a wildlife rehabilitator.  (This lesson is also available on the Getting Started page.)


Conservation of the American Bald Eagle

Join Wildlife Center President and Co-founder, Ed Clark, for this recorded webinar as he discusses the historic and modern threats and conservation efforts affecting the American Bald Eagle. This special species is one of conservation's greatest success stories, but eagles face persisting and new challenges in our modern landscape.




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